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5 Reasons To Base Your Business In Brisbane - Executive Centre

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Brisbane is one of Australia's growing business hubs and has become a sought-after destination for entrepreneurs looking to break into the Australian market.

As the capital of Queensland, there is no better location in this part of Australia - with the thriving Brisbane central business district owning magnificent placement inside the bend of the scenic Brisbane River.

Of course, Australia offers many business opportunities from Sydney to Melbourne, but here are five reasons why you should consider placing your start-up business in Brisbane:

Travel Infrastructure:

It is easy to see that Brisbane is a world-class city. Transport is catered for in a variety of forms. Bus stations include Queen Street Bus Station and King George Square bus station, along with major railway stations such as Central railway station and Roma Street railway station. Ferries are widely available while the city is also bicycle friendly.

World-class facilities:

Accommodation options, from five-star hotels to self-catering options, are widely available along with restaurants, take-aways and other entertainment establishments.

Established CBD:

The Golden Triangle is already an established business hub - boasting massive towers such as Aurora Tower and One One One Eagle Street to name just a few.

Rental options:

Brisbane is catered for the modern age - which is why you can make use of the likes of serviced office space situated in prime locations in the CBD, as well as the likes of virtual offices. These options reduce risk considerably as you are not tied into long leases and simply pay for way you need.

A Liveable City:

As much as Brisbane is a terrific business destination, it is also a city that is easy to live in. Leisure activities, schooling, healthcare and tourism hotspots make it an attractive option - while the cost of living is not very high compared to other major cities in the country.

These are just a few of the reason why you should consider placing your start-up business in Brisbane.