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5 Tips For Hosting A Conference In Sydney - Executive Centre

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Sydney is Australia's premier city and thus it’s most important business hub – making it the ideal destination for business events.

The city has picked up numerous awards - including previously being named as the world's best festival and events city by the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA).

Sydney's world-class infrastructure, bundled with the incredible tourist destinations and thriving CBD, has made it a top destination for business conferences.

Although the city has everything one needs to host a successful conference, the organiser will still need to put in considerable effort to ensure that the event is a success.

To assist, here are five tips for hosting a memorable and successful business conference:

1. Location and Size

There are a number of prestigious buildings and conference centres in the city, and it is important to ensure that you pick a spot that is easily accessible, and close to accommodation options and restaurants that are suited to your attendees. Also, determine whether you can make do with smaller meeting rooms, or require larger conference centres.

2. Build a Proper Schedule

Your conference schedule should be clear and easy to follow. Consider any possible delays - whether it is popularity of speakers which could lead to extra questions, or setup needs.

3. Incorporate New Technology

A good conference centre will provide access to new technology. Incorporate things like video and presentations to break the monotony that can come with a string of speakers alone.

4. Entertain your Guests

Your schedule should include adequate breaks, and if your event stretches over a few days, you should ensure that you provide your guests with recommendations in regard to things to do in the city, from dining to sight-seeing.

5. Technical Support

Ensure that you have an IT technician on hand to cater for any unexpected glitches or technical needs throughout the event.