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5 Tips To Make Your Business More Accessible - Executive Centre

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Starting a business in Australia comes with a range of challenges, but one of the most vital aspects is accessibility.

You can have a great idea, top staff and enough capital, but if your business in not easily accessible, it will only be a matter of time before the funds dry up.

Here are five important things to focus on when opting to make your business as accessible as possible.

1. Communications

You need to open the lines of communication between your business and your clients. Nowadays, your business cannot only be accessible during office hours. Make sure you have a professional receptionist, digital communication platforms (email and online support), and the relevant technology to host video and conference calls.

2. Office Space

Find a location that is beneficial to your business and surrounded by excellent transport infrastructure. One option is serviced office space in major cities. These professional spaces are located across Australia and own prime locations within CBDs. They are also setup with all of the relevant facilities, such a ramps, elevators and security to ensure ease of access for everyone and a safe environment.

3. Facilities

Ensure that you have access to proper facilities both in and around your business. Dining and accommodation options are vital when hosting clients, while meeting rooms and conference facilities are a must when looking to hold professional meetings or sales pitches with clients.

4. Online Presence

Each year, it becomes more essential to have a working website that is up-to-date and caters for various devices. A website is often referred to as a silent salesman, and will continue to do business while you sleep. Make sure that your site is easy to navigate, clear in terms of calls to actions, and spend some money on services like SEO to ensure that it competes in the industry when it comes to online searches.

5. Marketing

Make sure that you set a budget for marketing. Whether you choose to spend the majority online, or use some traditional routes like print, TV and radio - getting your name out there is of the utmost importance.

Making your business accessible is no easy task, but if you put in the ground work, it is only a matter of time until you reap the rewards.