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5 Reasons To Base Your Tech Startup In Perth - Executive Centre

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Perth already has a thriving tech start-up industry, with over 100 businesses operating and thousands actively involved in the community.

This steady growth over the last five years has happened under the radar, considering the magnitude of other Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

This buzzing environment makes it an attractive option to those who are considering a tech start-up in Perth, and here are five reasons why this Australian city may be perfect for your company.

1.Launch Imminent

The tech industry in Perth is ready to launch and those on board the rocket ship are set for an interesting journey. Of course, the destination is still not perfectly clear, but those with the right plans in place, and the dedication to see things through, could make the most of the boom in the industry.

2.Flexible Office Solutions:

As one of Australia's premier business destinations, all of the relevant office facilities are available. Smart office options, such as serviced office space and virtual office solutions, make it simple and cost-effective to base your operations in the city.

3.Vibrant Community:

Through groups and events, such as Morning Start-up, Silicon Beach, Port80 and more, you can get the help and advice you need from other experts in the field to help move your business forward.


There are a number of investors, both in government and corporate sectors, who are supporting the industry and taking pitches. This means that putting your business in Perth allows for the possibility of landing a deal and expanding your business.

5.Excellent Infrastructure:

Doing business in Perth is made easy by the excellent infrastructure. World-class transport facilities and amenities are connected to professional facilities such as corporate meeting venues and conference centres, where you can host events and attract business.

Perth certainly has a bubbling tech start-up industry, which is catching the eye of top local and international talent, so throw your business into the hat and it may just become the next big thing.