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How To Host A Startup Event In Sydney - Executive Centre

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Sydney is Australia's most magnificent city and the ideal destination when looking to host a start-up event in the country.

It boasts incredible facilities, from excellent public transport options to world-class hotels and restaurants, as well as many tourist attractions for visitors.

However, even though the city does its part in entertaining and accommodating guests for your event, it remains your job to make sure that your function hits the mark.

Setting up any event is not easy, and requires tremendous planning and hard work to ensure that everything pulls together on the day.

To make things a little easier for you, here are a few simple tips for setting up a successful start-up event.


The location you choose is arguably the most important decision. Consider the attendees, where they will be coming from and if the venue suits the target audience. If it is a formal business function, you will need a professional conference centre or meeting room, ahead of a casual restaurant or meeting hall.

Create a Schedule:

Plan each and every day of your event to the hour, and try to stick to it as best as possible. There will almost always be an inevitable delay somewhere, often due to question and answer sessions, but it is important that you keep things focused.

Research your Speakers:

Organisers are sometimes fooled by names. The likes of YouTube allow you to see speakers from around the world in action, so make sure that the people you invite will impress your audience, and not leave them checking their watches.


There is a range of technology available to spice up events. Make use of video, projectors and lively presentations to ensure that you never lose the interest of your audience.

Catering is Crucial:

Keeping your guests satisfied with food and beverages is key in keeping concentration levels up. Plan your snack and meal times to ensure that you do not over feed guests as it could have the reverse effect.

Sydney will provide the perfect backdrop to a successful start-up event – but always remember, the success of any event depends on the planning beforehand.