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The Executive Centre boasts a range of services along with world-class serviced offices in Australia, one of which is our professional travel services.

Having set up offices across the Asia-Pacific, as well as helped a number of top multi-national companies do the same, we have extensive experience in handling all travel and accommodation needs in cities across this region.

Employing qualified, experienced staff, we are able to efficiently handle all aspects from visa’s to flights and hotel bookings.

When travelling to other countries, it is important that all travel visa requirements are taken care of, which can be a time consuming process, but through The Executive Centre, we can handle all of the admin so you can focus on the important factors surrounding your trip. We are also able to assist with working visas, should you need to send staff to another branch, or hire in staff from outside of the country.

We are also able to handle all flight bookings, and can present you with various quotes so you can simply select the option that suits you best. Along with this, we are able to source hotels close to your destination to ensure complete convenience during your travels.

Once you have landed, we can also take care of limousine arrangement or chauffeur services so that a driver is waiting for you on arrival.

Contact a consultant at The Executive Centre now to find out more about our travel services in Australia.